With over 20 years industry experience, First Roofing & Building Scotland provides roof inspection and roof maintenance services your can trust. We understand the importance of regular roof maintenance, so let us inspect your roof to make sure everything is as it should be and there are no signs of damage. Regular roof maintenance is always a good idea. Doing so ensures your roof remains in top condition and doesn’t require costly repairs, with our roof maintenance service preventing any problems arising on your roof. This means you don’t need to worry about your roof needing unexpected repairs as we’ve taken the time to maintain it to the highest standards!

Roof Inspection Services

Every roof faces wear and tear over time. Constantly battling the elements, even the best roof materials naturally deteriorate over time, often in ways that you don’t realise. Small issues can quickly snowball into something much bigger, resulting in extensive damage and the need for costly repairs. On way to avoid major roof damage is to have regular inspections. When a roof inspection happens a trained professional meticulously searches the roof for any signs of damage to the surface and structure, often finding small issues you weren’t even aware of. Doing this is a great preventative against much more serious roofing problems, as you can catch the issue before it becomes more serious.
For example, winter is harsh of roofs, with extreme temperatures and weather causing lots of damage to the surface materials – a roof inspection lets you determine the exact condition of your roof to see whether repairs are required or not. Available for commercial and residential properties, we’ll conduct thorough inspections to ensure your building is up to code, checking for all signs of damage and giving you a full report on what we find. We’ll also offer an obligation-free quote should you want us to start working on repairs and restoration, but there are no commitments required.
Whether you’re a landlord that wants to ensure their property is up to regulation or a homeowner seeking assurances their roof is in sound condition, our roof inspection service gives you a clear picture of the overall condition of your roof. Issues we’ll look for during our roof inspection include:

  • Leaks
  • Tile and slate damage
  • Tears and holes on flat roofs
  • Water pooling
  • Debris and vegetation
  • Structural damage like sagging

Roof Maintenance Service

First Roofing & Building Scotland offer roof maintenance services for homes and businesses throughout Glasgow. Regular roof maintenance is key to avoid long-term problems by keeping the roof in good condition before any type of issue has a chance to develop. This is an invaluable preventative service that could save you thousands of pounds in expensive roof repairs and replacements. We take the time to check over the roof, complete minor repairs if needed, while removing any debris that accumulates on the roof surface.
Commercial organisations benefit from regular roof maintenance, with minor maintenance typically occurring twice a year, helping to keep the roof in good condition and prevent serious repair issues from developing. Even homes benefit from roof maintenance services. We will have your roof cleared in no time, inspecting for signs of wearing and other problems, such as damaged tiles, cracked lead, damaged felt and rubber, and blockages in gutters. Any small issues are fixed there and then!
Our roof maintenance services are cost-effective and will likely save you a fortune in extensive repairs down the line – especially with older roofs! If you want to arrange roof maintenance for your home or business premises, be sure to contact us today for more information or to schedule a maintenance service.

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