First Roofing & Building Scotland provide cost-effective roughcasting services for homes and businesses throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Offering a stylish finish to the exterior of your property while protecting it from the elements, our roughcasting service comes with a quality guarantee to give you a complete peace of mind.

Roughcasters In Glasgow

Roughcasting, also called pebble-dashing and rendering, is a process of adding a coarse plaster finish to the exterior walls of a property. There are some minor differences between roughcasting and pebble-dashing, with the former having stones mixed in with the plaster while the latter has stones added on top plastered surface. Either one is suitable for protecting brickwork and exterior walls against wearing, providing a protective layer that helps maintain their overall condition. Without roughcast, the cement holding bricks together deteriorates much quicker, so it’s always recommended to have this rendering for added protection. Our roughcasting and pebble-dashing services are available for both commercial and residential properties in and around Glasgow. We use only the best materials to ensure a long-lasting external rendering, with a variety of finishes available to get the desired style for the property. Roughcasting and pebble-dashing is available for properties of every shape and size. We provide scaffolding for multi-story buildings which will take around a week to fully render, although larger properties may several weeks to finish.

Other External Rendering Services

First Roofing & Building provides building and roofing services for new build properties in and around Glasgow. New builds require a high level of workmanship which is why so many choose to work with us, with a complete guarantee of work provided on all new builds, giving developers and property owners a complete peace of mind.


Harling is an external rendering unique to Scotland. Suitable for stone buildings, the rendering provides a textured finish present in the masonry of many traditional Scottish walls and buildings. We offer premium quality harling for affordable prices, ensuring older masonry continues to look great and survive over the years.

Wet Dash

Wet dash is a type of rendering that involves applying a top coat of aggregate that is combined with mortar. Doing this produces a highly durable finish and a uniform colour, with many colour options available with a wet dash rendering.

Exterior Insulation Boarding

It’s a common misconception that wall insulation is only possible inside a property. With exterior insulation boarding, we apply a layer of insulting material to the exterior wall surface, which is tend rendered with an exterior coating. Many people choose to add exterior insulation boards when getting rendering work done, as it is relatively easy to add to the walls before the rendering is complete. Contact us for more information on our exterior insulation boarding and the benefits it offers your property.

Traditional Lime Render

A traditional lime render is a great alternative to modern renders made from cement, acrylic, or polymer. Despite being a traditional mortar and render material, lime render has fallen out of use in recent years, although this is surprising given its strength, durability, and water resistance. If you’re seeking traditional lime render for a property new or old, then contact us today for more information.

Acrylic and Polymer Render

Renders that feature plastic-based products such as acrylic and polymer are long-lasting and affordable. The render is highly durable and less susceptible to cracking over the years, while a variety of colour finishes are also available.

If you are interested in these rendering services or require any information about each one, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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