First Roofing & Building Scotland provide quality sandstone restoration services for cost-effective prices. We use only the most experienced professionals to complete sandstone restorations, ensuring a guarantee of quality on every project. Sandstone is a gorgeous building material used throughout the country, with some of the of the most cultural and historical buildings made from sandstone. Due its versatility, many homes, walls, roofs, and buildings are made from sandstone, especially around historic cities such as Glasgow. Sadly, many of these buildings require extensive restoration due to the age of the sandstone used. This is usually because large quantities of carbon or salt developing on the porous sandstone, causing it stain over the years. We use a team of highly skilled professionals that have extensive experience with sandstone restoration. As many sandstone properties are cherished buildings steeped in history, we understand the importance of doing the job right. No corners are cut during restoration processes, while we take the time needed to carefully restore the sandstone as close to its original appearance as possible.

Sandstone Cleaning and Restoration Glasgow

We clean and restore the surface of sandstone structures with ease. While susceptible to staining, sandstone is easy enough to clean providing not too much carbon is absorbed, allowing us to restore the natural appearance of the sandstone. Similarly, we can remove white substances on the surface of the material that is caused by salts in the sandstone. Moisture build ups often cause salt to develop on the surface, which while unharmful does look very unsightly, especially on red sandstone. This is especially useful in older sandstone structures, such as tenement style homes and classic buildings in Glasgow.

Sandstone Repointing Glasgow

Due to the age of most sandstone buildings, the mortar holding the stones together tends to deteriorate over time, so let us restore the appearance and strength of the sandstone through repointing. This involves adding new mortar across joints on the sandstone to remove signs of wearing and crumbling, protecting the overall condition of the sandstone for many more years to come. Our professionals take the time to repoint using classic methods to ensure the repointing matches the original appearance of the building.

Sandstone Paint Removal Glasgow

Despite the beautiful natural appearance of sandstone, many buildings have painted over the stone exterior. This hides much of the attractiveness of the sandstone while possibly damaging by allowing moisture and growth to develop. Let us restore your sandstone surface to its original appearance. Not only do we scrape back years of paint and grime, we also polish and smooth the sandstone below so that it looks as good as new upon completion. Many people don’t even realise the stunning sandstone brickwork in their property as it’s covered with paint – we can take care of this problem!

Sandstone Replacement Glasgow

While we always strive to repair and restore all sandstone masonry, sometimes it’s best to replace eroded segments with new sandstone. This is an effective way to restore certain parts of sandstone that are damaged beyond repair, with near identical sandstone used to replace the part. All sandstone replacements are done with the upmost care, with our team meticulous replacing sections of sandstone to ensure minimal disruption to the structure.

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