First Roofing & Building Scotland offer a range of uPVC roofline and guttering services for commercial and residential properties in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Providing an extra level of protection for the building and adding a stylish fixture to the roofing, rooflines are a fantastic investment that add significant value to the property. By specialising in uPVC roofline and guttering, we provide property owners with a cost-effective roofline that outlasts traditional materials. Our tradesmen have installed countless uPVC roofline fixtures and guttering. They’ve conducted work on the diverse styles of property found throughout Glasgow, with services available for older buildings and new-builds alike.

uPVC and Guttering Roofline Services In Glasgow

We install premium quality uPVC rooflines on homes and businesses in and around Glasgow. With a range of styles and colours to choose from, we ensure that any rooflines we install match the current aesthetic of the property. Roofline consists of serval components that we can install to the roof of a property to provide additional protection against the weather, especially water and moisture that often goes unnoticed. As the materials are made from a highly durable uPVC, the wood and brickwork found between roof and walls receives ample protection against water and weathering.

Fascia Glasgow

Fascia refers to the horizontal board that is attached to the edge of the roofing. Attached to the trusses of the roof, a uPVC fascia offers support to gutters and lower edge of roof tiles, making it a worthwhile investment for the protection of the property.

Soffit Glasgow

A uPVC soffit is attached to the underside of the fascia board to offer additional support and protection. You only really see this by looking directly up at the roof from the ground. All soffits are ventilated to ensure proper airflow throughout the roofline and avoid moisture build-ups.

Cladding Glasgow

uPVC cladding is fitted to the exterior surface of the wall, typically just below the roofline. This offers a low-cost weather resistant cover to the outside surface of the property, being an especially useful solution for covering rotting timber or unappealing brickwork. The cladding also offers additional insulation and a stylish aesthetic to the exterior.

Bargeboards Glasgow

Bargeboards are like fascia boards, being attached to edge of the roofing, but are only used on sloping sections of the roof. They offer similar protection for exposed roofline timber and brickwork while offering a decorative finish to the property.

Dry Verges Glasgow

Dry verge is a process of fitting ridge or hip tiles to a roof without needing to use mortar. This system offers many advantages, such as more secure tiles that don’t blow off, being easier to maintain as no mortar needs replaced, and better ventilation to avoid moisture developing beneath the tiles.

Guttering Glasgow

Most people are familiar with guttering, which is a vital component of any roofline, helping to drain away water to avoid damaging the roof and walls. uPVC is a great option for guttering and downpipes as it offers a durable solution to constant water exposure, which is essential here in Scotland. The material is strong enough to withstand heavy rains, wind, and frost, being completely watertight to ensure no leaks in the gutter. We can install this as part of an entirely new uPVC roofline or as a replacement gutter for your current roofline.

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